Contemporaries, art experiences for the socially curious. 

In October 2015, 10 Group launched Contemporaries, a new art membership open to anyone interested in deepening their involvement in contemporary art.

Contemporaries was created to provide people with the opportunity to access and support contemporary art in a fun and social environment.

Building on the experience of conceiving, launching and producing the Art Month Membership program, Contemporaries delivers a program of unique, art focused events across Sydney’s public and private galleries and creative communities. Members are invited on a dynamic contemporary art journey, meeting the thinkers, the makers and connecting with like minded people along the way.

Members enjoy a diverse calendar of exclusive events in unexpected locations, including private collection visits, exclusive artist studio evenings, behind the scenes tours, private screenings, workshops, exhibition previews and art filled weekends away. All events focus on enjoying art in a relaxed, social environment and feature unique, unexpected twists, curated and catered by 10 Group.

For more information about becoming a member visit